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What is greening out, refers to the undesirable side effect that follows excessive cannabis usage and is not as frequently spoken in a society where cannabis use is becoming more and more tolerated. Although not usually harmful, this phenomenon can cause distress and discomfort to people who experience it. For both novice and seasoned cannabis users, knowing what greening out is and how to spot its signs might be crucial. The reasons, signs, and strategies for controlling and avoiding greening out are all covered in this article.

What is greening out?

A cannabis overdose, often known as “greening out,” usually happens when someone takes more cannabis than the body can metabolize. It is characterized by emotions of discomfort, anxiety, and bodily unpleasantness, as opposed to a healthier regulated high. It’s crucial to remember that, despite being unpleasant, it is not fatal.

Greening Out Symptoms: Identifying the Indications

While the exact symptoms of “greening out” differ from person to person, they frequently include intense anxiety or paranoia, sweating, nausea, dizziness, pale or emerald skin tone, and in rare cases, vomiting. These sensations are commonly accompanied by a sense of imminent doom or lack of control.

What Causes Greening Out to Occur?

The primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC, has a higher propensity to cause greening out at large amounts. It can happen to seasoned consumers who may underestimate their tolerance and novice users who might be unaware of their sensitivity levels. Edibles are frequently to blame for greening out incidents due to their delayed and continually more potent effects.

Handling an Episode of Greening Out

Locating a secure, peaceful, and cozy area is the first step if you or anyone you know is going green. Staying hydrated is essential, but alcohol and caffeine can exacerbate the symptoms. Relaxing and soothing activities can also assist. Recall that the symptoms are transient and will eventually go away.

 Recognize Your Boundaries

The best defense against becoming green is being aware of and mindful of your tolerance thresholds. Start with minimal amounts when experimenting with a new product or consuming technique. When using edibles, give them time to take effect before taking more.


In conclusion, excessive cannabis usage can cause an unpleasant side effect called “greening out,” which is not harmful but can be upsetting. Cannabis users can prevent and control such situations by learning what it is, identifying its signs, and understanding when to manage it. Like with any drug, the secret to having an enjoyable and secure time is to use it responsibly.

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