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Cherry Hill Recovery Center: Your Destination for Sublocade Doctor Near Me Treatment

Welcome to Cherry Hill Recovery Center, a cutting-edge facility in the heart of Cherry Hill, renowned for its exceptional Sublocade treatment. If you’re seeking a “Sublocade doctor near me” your area, look no further. Our center is not just a treatment facility; it’s a beacon of hope and innovation in the fight against opioid addiction.

Sublocade: A Revolutionary Approach to Opioid Addiction Treatment

Sublocade has emerged as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of opioid addiction treatment, and Cherry Hill Recovery Center is at the forefront of this medical advancement.

  • What is Sublocade? Sublocade is an FDA-approved, extended-release form of Buprenorphine. Unlike traditional treatments that require daily dosing, Sublocade is a monthly injection. This not only eases the burden of daily medication but also ensures a consistent delivery of medication, aiding significantly in recovery.
  • How Sublocade Works: Administered by our skilled medical professionals, Sublocade slowly releases medication into the body, curbing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This steady release helps maintain a balanced state, crucial for long-term recovery.




1930 Marlton Pike East

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Why Choose Cherry Hill Recovery Center for Sublocade Treatment

  • Expert Medical Team: Our dedicated team of Sublocade specialists is led by experienced professionals who are deeply committed to your recovery journey.
  • Personalized Care: We understand that addiction is a personal battle. Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Supportive Environment: Cherry Hill Recovery Center is not just about treatment; it’s about building a supportive community that fosters healing and growth.

Comprehensive Care Beyond Medication

While Sublocade is a key component of our opioid addiction treatment program, we believe in a holistic approach to recovery.

  • Therapeutic Support: Alongside medical treatment, we offer a range of therapeutic interventions, including individual counseling, group therapy, and holistic wellness programs.
  • Family Involvement: We encourage family involvement in the recovery process, offering education and support to help rebuild and strengthen family relationships.
  • Aftercare Planning: Recovery is a lifelong journey. We provide comprehensive aftercare planning to ensure continued support and guidance post-treatment.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Cherry Hill Recovery Center, we strive to make our cutting-edge treatments accessible to all. We accept a range of insurance plans and offer flexible payment options to ensure that financial constraints don’t hinder your path to recovery.


Cherry Hill Recovery Center is more than just a treatment facility; it’s a place where change and healing happen. If you’re searching for a “Sublocade doctor near me,” we invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Join us at Cherry Hill Recovery Center, where innovative treatment meets compassionate care. Share this journey with us and take the first step towards a new, fulfilling life.

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