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Unveiling the Mosaic of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide


The drug Vivitrol, which is used to treat drugs and dependency on alcohol, has drawn a lot of attention for its ability to support recovery. One of the most frequently asked questions about this drug is, “How long does a Vivitrol shot last?” For people considering using Vivitrol as part of their recuperation plan, it is essential to know how long it lasts and how operational it is.

Understanding Vivitrol

Naltrexone comes in an injectable, extended-release form under the brand name Vivitrol. Since it is an opioid antagonist, it prevents the euphoric and intoxicating effects of opioids. Those in recovery can prevent relapses with the aid of this hindering effect. Vivitrol lessens the joy and craving related to drinking, which is another way it treats the addiction to alcohol.

How long does a Vivitrol shot last?

Usually, a single Vivitrol injection lasts for 28 to 30 days or about one month. The drug is injected intramuscularly into the gluteal muscle, and over the month, naltrexone is gradually released into the circulatory system.

The Function of Vivitrol

To prevent the effects of opioid medications, Vivitrol binds to opioid receptors in the brain. When someone detoxifies from opioid dependence, this blockage helps keep them from relapsing. Although the precise mechanism underlying addiction to alcohol is not entirely understood, it is thought that Vivitrol modifies the reward pathways in the brain, thereby reducing the feelings of satisfaction and craving associated with drinking alcohol.

Vivitrol’s efficacy

Many clinical trials have proven that Vivitrol helps prevent relapses in alcohol and heroin addiction. Vivitrol users frequently report fewer cravings and a decreased risk of relapsing. It’s crucial to remember, though, that Vivitrol works best when combined with other forms of therapy like peer support and treatment.

Adverse Reactions

Individuals must be fully detoxified from opioids before beginning Vivitrol because the drug can exacerbate symptoms of withdrawal in those with opioids in their bodies. Vivitrol frequently causes fatigue, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness as adverse effects.


Vivitrol, which requires monthly shots, is a valuable medicine for treating alcohol and opioid dependence. When used with other therapeutic approaches, it increases its efficacy in avoiding relapse. Like with any prescription drug, it’s crucial to go over the advantages and disadvantages of using it with medical professionals. Recall that healing is a complex process, and drugs like Vivitrol can be an essential part of an all-encompassing treatment strategy.

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